The Millennium will long be remembered for many different reasons. In the UK, one of these was the rise to stardom of Southampton's Craig David. Born in 1981, Craig rose to prominence after teaming up with Artful Dodger on the club smash "Re-Rewind", and quickly followed this up with a string of solo hits.

This success was not achieved overnight. Craig had been writing lyrics for a number of years, and by the age of fourteen had already appeared as MC on pirate radio and in local clubs. He had also begun a successful DJ career - a move that had brought him into contact with Artful Dodger's Mark Hill. Craig added lyrics to one of Hill's tracks and "Re-Rewind" was born.

Craig's first success occurred at the age of fifteen when he began working in London. He wrote a B-side for Damage, recorded a version of the Human League classic "Human" and put out "Re-Rewind". "Re-Rewind" was a instant club hit which led to a deal with Westside, release and success as it made the charts, peaking at number 2.

He confirmed his position as a major UK recording artist with the release of his debut solo single "Fill Me In" which stormed to number 1. This was followed by a second Artful Dodger collaboration "Woman Trouble", and a succession of solo releases. His album "Born To Do It" also reached number 1, and in February 2001 Craig was nominated in six catagories at the Brit Awards.