Song Reviews

- Released 24th July 2000

Although Craig David's forthcoming album dodges the 2 Step / R&B crossover style that made 'Fill Me In' one of the year's most truly original releases, this second single maintains something of the crisp production style of underground garage whilst being a far more conventional R&B release. Mark Hill of Artful Dodger is again the man with his hands on the production boards and his now familiar blend of acoustic guitar and crisp digital beats is the recipe that he follows.

The infectious chorus which relates, day-by-day, the tale of one of young Craig's seductions offers an irresistible hook and a similarly irresistible temptation to improvise around the lyrical content for the more imaginative.

Whilst much of the album seems geared to an American market, assumed to be incapable of comprehending the sounds of South London's clubs, this single maintains an edge, not the least because of the inclusion of a Sunship remix. Guaranteed, you'll be humming this for at least as long as it tops the chart.

- Released 27th March 2000

The vocalist responsible for Artful Dodger's massive 'Re-rewind' smash is going it alone and this is the first taste from his forthcoming album. And, though you would be forgiven for thinking, "yeah, yeah, talentless chancer." You'd be very wrong. In fact, David steps up with a unique hybrid of R&B and the 2 Step sound which sounds so exciting at the moment. His work with Artful Dodger sets him in good stead to merge the unique UK underground sound with the smooth-like-the-leather-interior-of-a-Lexus-coupe R&B vibe.

Luckily, Mark from Artful Dodger is on hand to bring the whole thing to life, which he does, beautifully. The rhythm is expertly propelled by an acoustic guitar melody that's strikingly similar to Artful Dodger's remix of BB Mak's 'Still On Your Side'  no bad thing. David's vocals play fluidly over the syncopated beats and you'd better get that stereo turned up nice and loud.

- Released 14th August 2000

Craig David wasn't idly boasting when he named his eagerly anticipated debut album 'Born To Do It'. Indeed, if the majority of this soulful 19-year-old's lyrics are to be believed, this love machine is either just about to do it, is in the process of doing it, has just done it or is thinking about doing it again. Barry White could learn a thing or two from this boy. Lucky git.

Craig's tremulous, treacly soul tones, largely backed by delicate acoustic guitar and strings, provide the perfect summer soundtrack to a little 'getting it on'. True, once you've heard recent singles '7 Days', 'Fill Me In' and UK garage smash 'Rewind', you'll know exactly what to expect from 'Born To Do It'.

But as the red wine flows, the jacuzzi bubbles saucily and the album eases by like a warm summer breeze, you can't help but slip gently into this silky smooth lurve album and find yourself in the mood for a little sexual healing. In fact, listen to one of the album's standout tracks, the lazily seductive 'Once In A Lifetime' and you'll notice that young Mr David cheerfully nicks a little from Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing'. Hell, if you're gonna pilfer from a love god who better than the master?

On one of the finest debuts of the year so far, David has gone some way to establishing himself as one of the most talented young smoothies around. For verily he is 'The Booty Man' ladies and gentlemen and he's 'really got it'. Casanova and out.

- Released 22nd November 2000

Southampton's favourite son is walking away from all the "troubles" in his life.
Gawd bless him. It can't be easy. What with the screaming girls, money, fame and everything. It's a wonder he found time to pen such an infuriatingly catchy, sublimely soulful slice of pop. Annoying young git.

And it's good to know that 'Walking Away' reveals another side to the MOBO winner's character. David's not continually 'at it' with the ladies you know. He has his problems. Good luck to him.

There is no doubting this man's vocal dexterity. And the way he takes the Human League hit 'Human' (penned by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) and makes it his own is endearing. The other extra track is an incredibly swift, acoustic version of '7 Days' recorded live in Amsterdam. Oh to have the world at your feet.

- Released 19th March 2001

Before he huffs off to the US to do weights, get tattoos and return in a couple of years as UK Soul's answer to D'Angelo, the BRIT-free Craig - still acoustically assisted and referring to himself in third person - offers out his laydee, with the promise of 'Tonight' being 'their night'.

Details are scant, but by now we can assume it will involve a jacuzzi and Moet somewhere down the line, rather than the backseat of an Escort with a Fanta that many a 'Rendezvous' consists of.