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Comments he has made:

- The ladyeez have been really good to me. They've been really into my music but then they've also said: "Yeah, but forget the tunes, we like you!"

- It's key that people listen to Craig David and find out what he's about, rather than be bombarded with collaborations.

- As soon as you fit in you become the same as everything else. difference is always going to lead the way for music.

- I've got loads of time for ladies. I'm only 18, so I've got a long, long time to find the right girl for Craig David.



  • 'Walking Away' was based on a real experience.
  • 'Fill Me In' was also based on a real experience.
  • He had his first number one album in summer of 2000.
  • It takes craig an hour and a half to get his hair styled.
  • Craig loves to say "Do your thing!"
  • At 11 he started taking lessons in Spanish and classical guitar.
  • Craig's parents split up when he was about 8 or 9.
  • Craig's dad owned the club where he met the Artful Dodger.
  • Craig's favorite single on Born To Do It is Follow Me.
  • Craig can play the guitar.
  • He used to be a telephone salesman.
  • He has a half sister named Amber, who is currently 11.
  • It takes him an hour to style his beard.
  • Most of his songs are based on true incidents from his life.
  • Craig often surf's around the net looking for fan pages:)
  • He thinks it's ok that people download his music from the net.